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The Double Seventy-Five Sancturian Challenge

To get 2021 off to a flying start, well walking actually, some members of the staff and volunteers at the Sanctuary have responded to an idea that has been floated as a part of the Sanctuary’s Seventy Fifth Anniversary celebrations.

This is for a 75-mile walk around the grounds of Burrows Lea, in the style of Captain Sir Tom Moore who has been a true inspirational figure to young and old alike. The intention is to cover this distance over a period of time [weeks rather than days] with people sponsoring this intrepid band of physically fit bunch, or as we have named them Sancturians.

Here are some mug shots of some who are entering this fun filled activity, along with the names of others and what they do at the Sanctuary. All we wish you to do is pick one, enter their name on the Sponsorship Form, along with the amount you would like to contribute per mile.

We will be starting this event in March, and more photos and names will appear in the Spring issue of the Healer, for you to choose from. Perhaps you could involve your family and or friends.

Download the sponsorship form here

Our Sancturians

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Alan Moore

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Sue Smith