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The Spiritual Labyrinth 2021

The Spiritual Labyrinth, 2021 has been created to celebrate the Sanctuary’s 75th Anniversary.

Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different faiths for spiritual centring, contemplation, meditation and prayer. Entering the serpentine path of a labyrinth, you walk slowly while quieting your mind and focusing on a spiritual question or prayer.

Our central sculpture ‘Global Healing in Unity’ has been beautifully carved by Richard Leyman. Most of the wood has come from the Sanctuary’s grounds. Cherry wood was used for the globe & base. The three shades of the arms & hands carved from oak depict all of humanity, united, giving healing to our globe.

We hope you take pleasure in visiting HEHS and enjoying your journey of discovery within our Spiritual Labyrinth.

Download the PDF of our Spiritual Labyrinth