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Your Life in Your Hands with Frank Clifford (Downloadable video)

  • Your Life in Your Hands with Frank Clifford (Downloadable video)
Your Life in Your Hands
(aka 5 Easy Steps to Reading Your Hands!)
With Frank Clifford

The palm lines of the hand are like a road map – clear signs of the life path we’ve built for ourselves.

Our hands reveal our personality, relationship needs, talents and potential, and they provide an aerial ‘advance’ view of our road ahead. But palm lines can change slightly over time, responding to the decisions we’ve made and reflecting the path we’ve chosen to travel. So rather than showing an unalterable destiny, our ever-developing hands are proof that we can change our lives and take an alternative route if necessary. Learn to interpret your palms quickly and accurately to identify character, talents and motivation.

Frank Clifford has built an eclectic, 30-year career as the writer of a dozen books, a consultant astrologer and palmist, a publisher/editor, and the Principal of the London School of Astrology (www.londonschoolofastrology.com). At the LSA, he runs in-person classes in Euston, London, and online courses in astrology, palmistry and tarot. Since 2008, Frank has written several hundred articles for the two leading astrology magazines: The Mountain Astrologer (US) and The Astrological Journal (UK). In 2012, he was the youngest recipient of a lifetime honour from the Astrological Association for his contribution to astrology, and a writing award from ISAR and a Regulus Award (UAC) nomination have since followed.

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Your Life in Your Hands with Frank Clifford (Downloadable video)