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Pure Beeswax Wraps

  • Pure Beeswax Wraps
  • Pure Beeswax Wraps
3 Pack
1 Large (40x30cm)
1 Medium (30x30cm)
1 Small (20x20cm)

Keep food fresher for longer.

Great for sandwiches, salad, bread, leftovers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, proving dough and for sealing bowls to cover food.

Reusable for up to a year, it’s the environmentally friendly alternative to cling film. A fully biodegradable and compostable natural product that helps to reduce plastic waste.

The beeswax makes the wrap waterproof while allowing it to breathe. Like honey, beeswax has antibacterial properties.

Handmade in the Surrey Hills from cotton, natural jojoba oil, pine resin and beeswax.


Pure Beeswax Wraps


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