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In the Company of Harry (Book and free CD) - Stuart Morris

  • In the Company of Harry (Book and free CD) - Stuart Morris
A powerful account of faith, healing and self-discovery

In the Company of Harry is a powerful book about spiritual healing and self-discovery. Recounting the story and life of Stuart Morris, this book explores how he was able to overcome cancer at age 26 and rebuild his life after suffering from constant poor health.

Uncovering the wisdom of Harry, who accompanied Stuart as he became a holistic therapist and Pranayama yoga teacher, this book uses profound and insightful quotes to arm readers with the tools they need to practice spiritual and emotional healing. Designed to accompany readers through hard times and guide them to the light just like Harry did for Stuart, this book offers comfort and wisdom wherever you go. In the Company of Harry is perfect for anyone who wants to practice healing and create a life of emotional wellbeing.

Free CD included with the book

This soothing and tranquil CD will take you on a magical journey where you will discover the meaning of the philosophy taken from the book, In the Company of Harry.


In the Company of Harry


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