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Harry Edwards Meditation CD

  • Harry Edwards Meditation CD

A transcription of a series of recordings made by the great healer, Harry Edwards

MEDITATION Track 1: 13 minutes. Harry Edwards takes you step by step through the stages of meditation to give you inspiration and optimism and help you to become more receptive to the healing process.

Track 2: 14 minutes. Meditation. You will find it a truly unique experience under his spoken guidance.

MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE Track 3: 14 minutes. Harry Edwards tells how he has coped with life’s problems and how he sees the purpose of life as a constant striving towards an ideal. Truly inspiring... a guidance to all who seek to attain happy and harmonious living.

Track 4: 10 minutes. A faithful reproduction of a record made by Harry Edwards which has been heard by thousands, bringing inspiration and optimism with its clear explanation of what spiritual healing is and how patients can co-operate with the healing process.


Harry Edwards CD


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