Memories of V.E. Day

Felicity Medland

We are delighted to share the memories of V.E day from Mr Harry Edward’s daughter, Felicity. Felicity kindly sent us this a wonderful insight into this time for a young girl doing her part for the war effort and VE day.

I joined the A.T.S when I was 18 in 1941 and was eventually attached to B. Company A.T.S. (Auxiliary Territorial Service, now Women’s Royal Army Corps with the R.E.M.E. (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers) at Arborfield. I had received my training as a projectionist, showing training films on all heavy and track vehicles.

The day war ended there was a mass exodos from the camp, as everyone wanted to be in London. I happened to be Orderly N.C.O. that day in the A.T.S Guardroom, and found myself wandering around the empty adjacent offices of B. Company A.T.S.

It was here that I located my Crime Sheet. It contained a few minor charges, and one that stated that I had lost the country 46 man hours when I had kept a squad of men waiting outside the Kinema hut, while I tried to locate the N.A.A.F.I. key to get my projector and equipment, which had been locked in the N.A.A.F.I. (Navy Army Air Force Institute) after showing an entertainment film ‘Random Harvest’, the night before. I remember the charge being read out to me. It made me feel like Hitler’s most devoted servant.

I put my Crime Sheet in my pocket, after all, the war was over, and this would be my souvenir of V.E night. Later, I pinned the ‘Crime Sheet’ to my bedroom wall, where it stayed until all the ink faded.

That evening those of us left in camp formed a procession and singing rather raucous army songs, made our way to forbidden ground, the officers quarters, and then on to hallowed ground Buttonshaw Avenue, where Brigadeer Buttonshaw lived. Only domestic staff where allowed to venture there. So, breaking all the hallowed laws, we paraded up and down Buttonshaw Avenue and felt so good about it.

Brigadeer Buttonshaw was presumably celebrating with his friend Winston Churchill.

Lance Corporal Edwards W72242.
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