Wherever You Are, We're Here For You

Regional Healing Days at The Hamblin Trust

Saturday 14th August at 11am until Sunday 15th August at 5pm

Do you live in West Sussex or nearby? If so, this is an opportunity for you to receive contact healing from the Harry Edwards healers, at the Hamblin Trust.

Please come and experience this wonderful relaxing healing therapy, a special time just for you. It will be lovely to see you and if you can, why not bring a friend to meet us and give them the opportunity to experience the healing too.

We do not make a compulsory charge for regional healing but as a charity, donations are essential for our work to continue.

We hope that you can help towards our costs. Your donation will be divided between the HEHS and the Hamblin Trust.

To book an appointment; phone Judith at Harry Edwards on 01483 202054 or email the Sanctuary with your details, info@burrowslea.org.uk.

After 1st Aug contact Tracy on 07773 640741 or tracymoore1110@gmail.com