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Animal Healing


Animal Healing with Margrit Coates
The world’s leading animal healer and communicator
At Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary
Saturday 1st September 2018 –10am – 4pm

What’s Covered:
What animal healing is about, how it works and how we can help animals with healing energy. Do’s and don’ts and the differences between healing for humans and for animals. Description of animal chakras and the role they play in healing. How to practise distant healing. The link between healing energy and communicating with animals. How animals can express emotional releases during healing. Being aware of shared energy and connecting with the individual soul of the animal. Healing and the afterlife. Discussion of case studies based on Margrit Coates unique and unrivalled experience world-wide. Special meditations to help enhance animal healing skills.

Please bring 3 photos of your pets (can include one of a pet who has passed away) You may bring with you a well-behaved and sociable dog. We love to have dogs present for them to benefit from the healing experience. Places for dogs are limited so check with the booking staff whether a place is available.

TICKETS: £98 per person.
Limited places for lunch are available at £17 per person (vegan or vegetarian). Advance booking only.

BOOK NOW: Call 01483 205620 | Email: events@burrowslea.org.uk

Margrit Coates MNFSH SBRCP is the author of six books including Hands-on Healing for Pets; how to tune into them intuitively, Angel Pets; incredible true stories of animal miracles and Communicating with Animals; how to tune into them intuitively. Margrit is also Patron of Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary and on the Advisory Board of Voice for Asian Elephants Society.