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Wonderful Wild Weed Walk

Thursday 26th September 2019
2pm - 4pm

Join medical herbalist Janice Gerhardt MNIMH and discover some of our amazing local herbs, their medicinal and culinary uses and talk about a plethora of ways to use our vibrant weeds at home, in the kitchen or in our medicine box.

Explore why elder is known as a whole medicine chest in one and how to harvest and use our local abundant medicinal plants.

Jot down ancient recipes towards a more robust health and enhanced well being.

Being healthy can be fun!

Download a PDF about this wellness talk.

Places are limited and so place contact Carolyn Low on 01483 203540 or email Carolyn.graeme@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to attend.

There is no charge for this event but donations are much appreciated.

Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Burrows Lea, Shere, Surrey, GU5 9QG