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Somerset Regional Healing Days

Tuesday 17th August at 11am until Wednesday 18th August at 5pm

Do you live in Somerset or close-by. If so, this is an opportunity for you to receive contact healing from the Sanctuary's volunteer healers.

Please come and experience this wonderful relaxing healing therapy, a special time just for you. It will be lovely to see you and if you can, why not bring a friend to meet us and give them the opportunity to experience the healing too.

We do not make a compulsory charge for regional healing but as a charity, donations are essential for our work to continue.

Registered charity no 1098712

We hope that you can help towards our costs.

To book an appointment; phone Judith at Harry Edwards on 01483 202054 or email the Sanctuary with your details, info@burrowslea.org.uk.

After 1st Aug contact ' on 07773 640741 or tracymoore1110@gmail.com