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World Kindness Day

To continue with the World Kindness Day theme please join us after our Healing Minute on Friday 13th November for a truly extraordinary talk.

Madeleine will give a short talk about her encounters and messages from wild species from her most recent adventures to Egypt, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Norway! Also about communing with wild lions in the bush of South Africa in 2017. On re-reading the messages she received from these wise, wild species during the last 3 years or so, she realised that they seemed to be forewarning us and preparing us for this current situation and ascension progression of humankind - The lions asking us to reclaim our 'magnificence' and I AM presence of sovereignty. The Mountain gorilla silverback telling us that we would need to just stop - as though prophesising the lockdown! Madeleine was truly amazed at the guidance that came during these past encounters, reflecting what was to come in these present challenging times!

We are so blessed to receive the healing guidance from these surprising and incredible sources!

For more info about Madeleine go to www.madeleinewalker.co.uk/

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