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Ray of Light for Cancer Patients coming to Poole

A unique opportunity is coming to Poole. With great excitement, The Sam Buxton Healing Trust and the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary are delighted to announce their co-sponsorship of a healer at Poole NHS Hospital. The appointment is initially for one year and the successful applicant will be working two days a week. Further information on the vacancy will be available shortly.

Angie Buxton-King of the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust said ‘We already co-sponsor a healer in Barnstable NHS Hospital with the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. I am delighted that the joint project has proved to be so successful that we are now progressing to a second appointment in another area. The purpose of the role is to provide healing for cancer patients, their families and the staff caring for them. Families often feel helpless when their loved one is suffering with symptoms and healing provides support to the whole family throughout their cancer journey. Families can be present during healing sessions and the feedback received from them when they see their loved ones settled as a result of healing is so very positive, validating the added value our work alongside medical practitioners brings.

The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust supports cancer patients and their families by providing funds to employ healers in the NHS and Hospices across the UK. Founded in 2006, the charity has already funded 37 posts across 16 NHS Trusts. For more information please visit www.cancertherapies.org.uk.

Martin Thomas, Chair of the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary commented ‘It was always an ambition of Harry Edwards for healers to work alongside conventional medicine to bring relief from physical pain, discomfort, mental and emotional anguish. It is so heartening to see Harry’s ambition manifesting.

Everyone can be helped by Healing! Harry Edwards Healers help both people and animals when they are ill, stressed or simply in need of some relaxation and regenerative ‘Me Time’. Healing is a gift intended to help improve the quality of life during our time here. It may help you cope with whatever you are dealing with in life and may ease and accelerate the process of recovery.

Complementary therapy working alongside conventional medicine. Healing is a calming treatment which works on all levels of your body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; according to your individual needs, supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is non-invasive, can’t harm you and is suitable for all ages. Healing is not linked to any particular religion.

Clients tell us they have experienced improvement in physical and mental health matters e.g.: freedom from chronic pain, relief from insomnia, stress reduction to name just a few.

Harry Edwards Healers provide contact healing seven days a week at the Sanctuary in Shere, Surrey.

Healing by telephone, Zoom and Skype is also available and you can ask for distant healing by writing to the Sanctuary.