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Tribute to Felicity Medland

Tribute to Felicity Medland by Georgina Pye

(1923 - 2023)

We were very sad to hear that Harry Edwards Daughter and our Patron, Felicity Medland, passed to the spirit world on Saturday 30th December 2023 on the Isle of Wight at the age of 100 years.

 Becoming a centenarian last year was a wonderful achievement for her and another milestone in Felicity's accomplishments. Felicity was an artist, with many of her paintings being on display at the Sanctuary, along with some great stories of how the art was created! Felicity was an author, which included books about her time growing up with her father, Life Around My Father and A Slice of Life. She also wrote poems inspired by her father and the World War One era, Distant Memories.  She has written many articles for The Healer magazine, sharing her time growing up and being involved in the world of healing, along with her memories of World War Il when she served in the REME.

 Many of us first had the pleasure of meeting Felicity when she came to the 70th Anniversary Celebration at the Sanctuary in September 2016.  

 She sat in the front row whilst Rowena Wood, Ian Brough and I gave the slide show on Harry Edwards’s life and work.  At the end of the presentation she delighted the audience by turning round and introducing herself as Harry’s daughter and encouraging questions. It was a very memorable event and everyone felt uplifted by her presence.  She had a natural warmth and charm which made her very approachable and her memory at 93 was formidable.

 In the following years Rowena visited Felicity several times at her home on the Isle of Wight and gained further knowledge and insights into the life and character of her Dad, Harry Edwards. Felicity gave Rowena some family photographs which we used, along with others from our archives, to make picture storyboards for the 75th Anniversary.

 It was in September 2021 that we were thrilled to host Felicity and over 20 of her family, spread across the generations, at our 75th Anniversary celebrations. We planted a rose to commemorate her mother Phyllis, who had shared the family home with thousands of visitors, seeking healing and comfort. We chuckled listening to the family, now adults, reminiscing with much humour and laughter of their fun filled times growing up at the Sanctuary. Together we were able to commemorate the incredible life of Harry Edwards.

 In 2022 Felicity wrote that she doubted that she would ever see Burrows Lea House again but that she would never forget the many happy memories of life there with her father and the family. Sadly her doubts came true. Felicity had not been well for some time and had become bedridden last year, before passing peacefully at her home. Our condolences are with all of Felicity’s family and her friends. We send them our love and our healing.

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