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A wonderful way to support the Sanctuary and its work

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through our spiritual healing service. We receive healing requests from literally around the world. Our strapline is 'Wherever you are, we're here for you'. And we mean it.

As we emerge from the pandemic, it is even more important that we continue to reach and serve those who need our help and raise sufficient funds to do so. You can help us to help them by becoming a Sanctuary Friend today. In doing so you are making a real difference to someone else's life.

We have a range of packages with subscriptions starting from as little as £30 per annum:

1 Year Friendship   From £30

3 Years Friendship  From £80

5 Years Friendship  From £135

10 Years Friendship From £275

Lifetime Friendship From £1,200

Please give what you can. Every penny helps.

Your subscription includes:

  • Electronic Newsletters
  • Healer Magazine (You can opt for the hard copy)
  • £5 discount on our 1 day retreats
  • £15 discount on our 4 and 5 day retreats
  • 10% discounts on our shop items
  • Use of the Sanctuary library

To become a Sanctuary Friend please download the form in the following link and send it to

Become an Animal Friend of the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Today!

A Wonderful Way to Support the Sanctuary and its Healing Work with Animals

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through our spiritual healing service, not only to people but animals as well. We receive healing requests for our beloved pets from all around the world and, just as Harry Edwards did, we will continue to include the animal kingdom in our healing prayers.

This wonderful healing service has been available to all those in need for over 75 years and we want to continue to reach and serve all those who ask for our help. As a charity we could not do this without much needed donations.

This is a wonderful way to support the Sanctuary and its healing work with animals

We have a range of packages starting from as little as £30 per annum:

1 years friendship    -  From £30

3 years friendship    - From £80

5 years friendship    - From £135

10 years friendship  - From £275

Lifetime Friendship  - From £1,200

By becoming an Animal Sanctuary Friend you can help us to continue our good work and make a real difference.

You will also receive:-

  • A monthly newsletter full of hints and tips to help your relationship with your furry | feathered | scaly friends as well as happy animal stories
  • Discounts on our animal events
  • Healer Magazine - online or hard copy
  • Links to animal related organisations
  • Inclusion in our Distant Healing book for you and your beautiful animal

To become a Sanctuary Friend please download the form in the following link and send it to

Give the Gift of Sanctuary Friendship And|Or Sanctuary Animal Friendship

Did you know you can give the gift of Sanctuary Friendship and|or  Sanctuary Animal Friendship to your family and friends? Download the form below and send to 

Gift of Sanctuary Friendship Form:

Gift of Sanctuary Animal Friendship Form:

Hear From Some of Our Current Friends Why They Decided to Become a Sanctuary Friend.....

In the first few days of the pandemic when we were suddenly and shockingly thrust into lockdown my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. So far he has had 16 operations and much treatment and recently had a kidney removed.

I also had to take sole care of our adult daughter who is autistic and lives at home with us.

I felt so incredibly alone and frightened. Cut off from contact with family and friends the first months were the most terrible times of my life. My Mum also passed a few months later and I wasn't able to be with her which broke my heart.

I have attended Windsor Spiritualist Church for many years and a friend from church suggested I contact The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary for healing.

I did so immediately and had a wonderfully strong and reassuring reply. This continues to this day. Whenever my husband has another procedure I contact the Healing Team. The replies and the healing sustain and uplift me and the healing has helped my husband so much. I am so continually grateful to the Sanctuary team and the Healers.

I decided to become a Friend of the Sanctuary to somehow try and say thank you from the depths of my heart for the comfort and support.  I am still hoping to come to Burrowslea myself at some point to say thank you in person. It's good to feel I can actually do something to give support by becoming a friend of the Sanctuary. JV.


I decided to become a Friend of the Healing Sanctuary after 5 members of my family died in very sad circumstances.

My background is that I am a healer member of The Healing Trust and retired hospice nurse.

After all the deaths, particularly my brother's and father's, I felt so angry, empty and bereft. I found myself searching for answers. I joined your monthly circle and Healing For You and felt a sense of peace. I bought several of Harry Edwards' books and decided to join as a Friend. It felt good to be part of something that is so beneficial to so many people.

If I lived nearer I would be more hands on. In some ways though I feel I know some of you by the zoom. It did give me a sense of comfort particularly with the Healing for You. GR.


I first heard of Harry Edwards in the late 1970s. My Father was showing all the symptoms of Parkinson's and was waiting the results of tests etc. The doctors, although helpful, didn't seem to know what the problem was exactly. I was telling a friend about this and he told me about Harry Edwards and how a family member had been helped. He gave me the address and I wrote a letter to Harry Edwards. Everything then had to be done by letter but within a very short term my dad was completely cured. The healing had been carried out distantly as I knew my Dad would be very sceptical of unconventional methods. Many years later I told him what I had done and he was incredibly moved and grateful. 

My next experiences were many years later with the benefit of the internet and email etc. I requested distant healing for members of my family, mainly my grandchildren. None of the family is aware of my healing requests for them but apart from improvements to their health the distant healing has also enabled me to feel I'm doing something postive to help.

Just recently for the first time I've requested telephone healing for myself. It had a great impact on me, seemed to take away all my stresses and made me feel much calmer during an anxious time.

I'm so thankful that the healing can be carried out for those, like me, who find it difficult to visit the Sanctuary. I'd love to visit someday though. 

Becoming a Sanctuary Friend enables me to feel I'm giving a little something back to an organisation that has given so much to me.

Thank you. SW

Sanctuary Friends