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Chat Time, Telephone, Skype and Zoom Healing

For those that are unable to visit the Sanctuary for Contact Healing, we have introduced additional services which provide a more direct contact with a healer than our Distant Healing service. 

Healing over the telephone, by skype or zoom allows a direct connection between healer and recipient and follows a similar sequence to the healing we provide to those who come to the Sanctuary. There is time for talking at the beginning and relaxation before the healer attunes to the healing energies and commences the formal healing after which there will usually be time for a little more talk before the session ends.

For those just wanting a friendly chat with one of our healers, we have introduced Chat Time.

Telephone 01483 202054 or email to make an appointment for any of these services.

We answer all emails so if you don’t receive a response please check your junk mail.

Chat Time