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The Healing Minute

At 10am every day, people in 95 countries around the world join with the Sanctuary to focus their thoughts on healing for those in need and for world peace.

The Healing Minute was inaugurated by the Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary in May 1954 and has its origin in the ‘Big Ben Silent Minute’ introduced during the Second World War by Sir Winston Churchill at the time of the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940.

Thoughts are real forms of energy vibrations as are sound or light. Imagine, if you can, conscious streams of positive thought being given out by thousands of people at 10 o’clock their time wherever they are in the world, joining together to form a perpetual flowing stream of healing energy and peace.

Our healers continue this tradition with a minutes silence each morning at 10 o’clock your local time. Please join in and add your own prayerful thoughts in a minute of meditation, for yourself, for your family or friends and become part of a world energy peace force.

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday our Healing Minute is broadcast on Facebook Live, starting at 9.55am. Please join in for an inspirational reading, story or poem selected by our own healers and join them as they send out healing to all those in need.

In the meantime, do listen to three readings beautifully done by Tracy:

Harry Edwards Remembered

The Harry Edwards Prayer

The Sanctuary Prayer

Healing Minute