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The Trustees

Chair of Trustees| Alan Moore

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you all. You may have met me at Burrows Lea or at one of our Regional Healing Days or Away Events and you may have seen my name mentioned in the Healer Magazine before. 

On leaving school, I joined the BBC as a trainee Television Engineer way back in 1968. After ten years I moved to ITN, working on the many technical aspects of producing TV News programmes. For seven years I was Head of Communications for ITN and the Technical Manager on the coverage of many major events.

My interest in healing started back in 1968, when I was just 19. One evening I accompanied my parents to a public demonstration of healing in Carshalton. On the platform that evening was Harry Edwards. As a result of this demonstration, my father becamee an SNU Healer and later President of Balham Spiritualist Church, which Mr Edwards had attended when he lived in South London. My Dad met with Harry Edwards at Burrows Lea on several occasions. 

I too was very interested in what I witnessed that night and became a great believer in contact and distant healing. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1973 and went for healing with Harry Edwards sister Mrs Durrant in Streatham. Many years later, having had a busy life with work and four children, I was receiving healing at Hackbridge Spiritualist Church and was asked if I would like to become a healer. I jumped at the opportunity. I spent two years training as a Spiritual Healerr, graduating in 2008.

My second wife Susan was a Complementary Therapist and Reiki Master and she taught me Reiki. Whilst we were visiting the Sanctuary one day, I was asked by the Healing Services Manager, Toni Jode, if I would like to be a volunteer Spiritual Healer at the Sanctuary. I started my voluntary work a few months later in 2009. After Susan’s passing in 2010, I continued as a volunteer and then started to help with the Regional Healing Days and Away Events. In 2013 Tracy and I became involved in organising and running the Sanctuary’s Regional Healing Days and Away Days, which we have been doing ever since. Tracy and I were married in the Chapel at Burrows Lea in March 2014.

Tracy and I have another home on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Whilst there we continue to organise activities for the Sanctuary and do the occasional talk on Harry Edwards and sometimes a Healing demonstration. When here in the UK, we are regulars at the Sanctuary, carrying out whatever duties are needed. 

It has been such an honour to be invited to become a Trustee.  Although I will now be involved in carrying out these new duties, I will continue to be one of the Volunteer Healers and help run the Regional Healing Days and Away Events.

Trustee and Company Secretary | Martin Thomas

My parents were interested in spiritualism and although I took no particular interest in it as a youngster, I was aware of the benefits my Mother had received from years of absent healing from Harry Edwards in the 1960s. As an adult I also wrote to the Sanctuary myself for health issues, and was deeply grateful for the positive results received from Ray and Joan Branch. About 10 years ago I was finally able to visit the Sanctuary in person, both on Open Days and to receive contact healing, which was beneficial.

My active interest in becoming a healer started in 1998 after the passing of my father. I was moving around with my job, but managed to train with the NFSH (now Healing Trust) whilst living in Edinburgh and then in Houston, and finally met the panel in 2006.  I have been a member of the Ashford NFSH Healing Centre for many years, and currently serve there as Chair. 

My Mum continued to receive The Healer magazine for all those years, and then one day in 2016, just about the time I was retiring from work, I saw the advert in it for trustees. I applie and was eventually accepted, and stepped up to Chair in July 2018. 

I am passionate about the benefits of healing and will work tirelessly for it to be at the top of our agenda.

Trustee | Richard Stuttle

I have a great interest in spiritual and personal development. Trying to make sense of why we are here, our life's purpose and the nature of our world. I always believed healing was the foundation of all spiritual practices. In 2020 I felt it was the right time to begin the 2 year healing course at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. 

My career has been varied, with over 25 years' experience in hospitality and the creative industries. I have a passion for art and design. playing a key role in building a number of succesful brands. I gained a comprehensive insight into overall business operations and adopted a hands-on approach to optimisation and achieving goals.

Creativity is in my blood, and I work as a professional artist, painting for exhibitions and taking annual commissions. I've attended spirit art and energy management courses at the Arthur Findlay College for over 20 years. Another part of my work is teaching, running courses and workshops on personal development, art, and intuition. Using art as a teaching tool to help promote good health and wellbeing, unlocking potential and understanding. 

I am one of the founders of Caroline's Rainbow Foundation. A travel safety charity founded in 2002, following the tragic death of my sister Caroline Ann Stuttle. I speak regularly to students about the importance of travel and travel safety. In 2019 I was able to take the time to write a book showcasing the milestones of our charity, my travels, and dealing with long term grief. In 2021 Pegasus Publishers published 'Chasing Rainbows - the Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle'. 

I'm a great admirer of Harry Edwards and looking forward to working with the team at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.


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Trustee | Gary Cheetham

Gary has over 40 years experience with a number of large and medium sized organisations in the areas of corporate governance, security, compliance and regulation. This has entailed considerable experience of introducing change to maximise business opportunities while reducing cost and offering high quality customer service. Gary is able to demonstrate highly developed technical and inter-personal skills as well as managing to strict time and quality constraints within budget. 

The Patrons

Patron - Elizabeth Whiter

Elizabeth Whiter runs Healing Animals Organisation, established in 2005 to help animals worldwide, and has trained thousands on how to heal animals. The organisation is a professional animal training school specialising in healing, nutrition, behaviour and emotional problems as well as how animals self-medicate themselves by selecting plants and food compounds to enhance their wellbeing. Her pioneering school is the first to train and register graduates in Diplomas in Animal and Equine Healing and the Sanctuary is delighted that our own healers can also register for these diplomas. Elizabeth has authored two books: The Animal Healer and You Can Heal Your Pet (the latter co-written with holistic vet Dr Rohini Sathish).

Patron - Dr Tim Ridge

Dr Tim Ridge is a 6th generation GP and a member of The Royal College of GPs. After completing his training at the London Hospital Medical College, Tim spent 3 years on the Ipswich Vocational Training Scheme before joining his father and uncle as a partner at the family practice in Enfiled, Middlesex from 1976 to 2014.

Specific medical interests during his career included home births and local GP Unit Maternity Unit deliveries, Minor Surgery, and the integration of complementary therapies into the NHS. This lead to the establishment of an integrative project in 1993 called The Enfield Centre for Natural Health - which subsequently became a registered charity and continues its work today.

On a personal level he was involved with self development courses for 25 years, and learned to teach meditation, and became a director of Soul Purpose UK, who organised the courses. An interest in healing arose from experiences on these courses, and after attending the Healing Conference organised by Dr Dan Benor in 1993, he joined the Doctor Healer Network. More recently he trained as a Reikie Master. 

Now retired from General Practice, Tim is the Chair of the Doctor Healer Network - healers and medical professionals working together to promote the benefits of the integration of healing into healthcare.

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