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Founded in 1946 by the world renowned spiritual healer Harry Edwards, the Sanctuary is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through our spiritual healing service.

The Healing Minute

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a simple, safe and supportive energy therapy that aims to bring balance to mind, body and soul, as well as to stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability. Healing is complementary to all forms of treatment as it is non-invasive.

Contact Healing

A contact healing session with one of our trained healers is a relaxing experience and ideal opportunity for you to give time to yourself.

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Telephone Healing

We have introduced a new telephone-based service which provides a more direct contact with a healer than our usual Distant Healing service.

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Distant Healing

Distant Healing (sometimes called distance healing or absent healing) can be transmitted over any distance for anyone.

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Healing For Animals

Your pet, like us, has the ability to overcome many physical problems given time but sometimes a little extra help is needed.

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Harry Edwards: The Great Healer

Harry Edwards was born in London in 1893. One of nine children, his father was a printer and his mother had originally been a dressmaker.

As a young man, Harry entered a seven-year printing apprenticeship and became interested in politics - an interest that was to stay with him for many years.

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The Healer Magazine

The Healer Magazine

We have been publishing our quarterly magazine for over 70 years.

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